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CGH earth's most Authentic Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda Resorts

We have listed the top resorts of CGH earth resorts providing most authentic Ayurveda packages.The essence of rejuvenation packages to remove toxins, cure ailments if any and avoid toxin causing factors. Proper diet and life style changes which can make you live in harmony with your body is also suggested. You are exposed to yoga and meditation too!

Top Kerala Ayurveda Centers - Authentic Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala - Best for Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala

CGH earth Hotels promotes authentic Ayurveda in a big way. Adhering to the strict tenets of Kerala Ayurveda, the ayurvedic treatment offered is a combination of the physical, psychological and spiritual therapies, complimented and supported by yoga and meditation. While you undergo the Kerala Ayurvedic treatement, you experience a life style that was advocated in the Ancient Indian traditions. This lifestyle helps you to balance your energies, your outer material world and the inner spiritual world, leaving you refreshed and energetic.

Of various CGH Hotels, Kalari Rasyana and Kalari Kovilakom are the specialised Kerala Ayurvedic Centers where no leisure customers are entertained. Swaswara is at different league altogether."SwaSwara" is more than a resort or mainstream holiday destination. It is an expression of the power of wellness and more of a lifestyle experience which will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, healthy and rejuvenated to resume your journey back home. You can also undergo Kerala Ayurvedic tratments in Coconut Lagoon which is Kerala Backwater Resort, Marari Beach at Mararikulam and also at Spice Village Thekkady.

If you have time you can also take a Kerala tour Package from us using CGH Earth hotels or other hotels before undergoing Kerala Ayurvedic treatment. It is always suggested to do the tour first, so that you can go back home fresh after availing Kerala Ayurveda Packages. Please check out the below ayurveda hotel and Ayurveda resorts in Kerala with Kerala Ayurvedic center. We have given the tariff also. If you want any other options do mail us anytime

Kalari Kovilakom

Formerly a Vengunad Palace and now a Ayurveda Restreat, Kalari Kovilakom Offers the most pure form of Ayurveda as Kings would have had it. Kalari Kovilakom adheres to the strict tenants of Ayurveda.

Kalari Rasayana

Kalari Rasayana, located in Parur in Kollam, is a elegantly build lake side resort spread over acres Ccoconut Groove. Kalari Rasayana offers most authentic form of Ayurveda treatments in Kerala

Swaswara Gokarna

Set in the foot hills of famous Om beach in Gokarna , SwaSwara is a paradise for Yoga, meditation and wellness. Stay is in traditional Konkani Villas. Swaswara Gokarna is just 170 Kms from Goa airport.

Spice Village Ayurveda

Built in traditional Tribal Village Theme Spice Village Thekkady offers the most Authentic form of Ayurveda in Kerala. The resort has modern ayurvedic center with a doctor and offers rejuvenation and other therapies.

Marari Beach Ayurveda

Built in traditional Fishermen Village Theme Marari Beach Resort offers purest form of Kerala Ayurveda. The resort offers rejuvenation and other speciality therapies and it is equipped with modern kerala ayurvedic center with doctor.

Coconut Lagoon Ayurveda

Set in the midst of the mesmerizing backwaters of vembanad lake, Coconut lagoon Kumarakom is a unique Heritage resort with Kerala Ayurvedic center. The resort offers Rejuvenation and other Kerala Ayurveda packages.

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About Kerala Ayurveda

Presenting the basic concepts of Kerala Ayurveda and procedures involved in Kerala Ayurvedic treatments. Meaning of Ayurveda terms used in Kerala Ayurveda is given along with Kerala Ayurveda resorts, Kerala Ayurveda center

If you need any further asssitance in undergoing Ayurvedic treatements in Kerala or in availing Kerala Ayurveda Packages in CGH Hotels,do feel free to drop in mail to us with your concerns and requirement. We will make sure we will revert to you with details after consulting the Ayuveda doctor if required