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Lakeside Retreat with Pure Ayurveda

Kalari Rasayana

You get Ayurveda in it's purest form in this lakeside retreat. The treatements are complimented by yoga and meditation leaving you enegrised and refreshed. It also initiates you to a life style, which enables you to balance your energies with outer material world & inner spritual world.


Kalari Rasayana Retreat Kollam, Kerala

In Sanskrit the word "Rasayana" means rejuvenation. Elegantly built along the palm fringed periphery of the South Paravur Lake and spread over 8 acres of lakeside coconut grooves "Kalari Rasayana" offers most authentic form of Ayurveda programs and treatments. Adhering to the strict rules of Ayurveda, the treatments offered here is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual therapies, well complimented and supported by yoga and meditation practices. Kalari Rasayana is not a holiday resort but a place to immerse you in a life style that was advocated by ancient Indian traditions. This treatments and life style helps you to balance your energies, your outer material world and the inner spiritual world, leaving you refreshed and energized

Kalari Rasayana offers 22 well appointed suites and state of the art Ayurveda clinic with eleven treatment rooms. The extensive swathic vegetarian cuisine is tailored for the individuals and the health programs offered here requires minimum two weeks stay. Yoga, Meditation, Kalari Practice, therapeutic yoga, swimming pool and lake side walks compliment the oil therapies recommended by the doctor.

Ayurveda at Kalari Rasayana Kollam

In first stage, as in any Ayurveda treatments detoxification of the body is done using various techniques and this process may be little uncomfortable. It is better to come with an open mind to overcome your concerns in consultation with the doctors rather than resisting. Initially you are given ample medicated ghee so that it saturates your system and absorbs all the toxins. During this process you will also be given enough herbal water and light diet. Once the system saturates the ghee is purged out using medication and now your system is better prepared to accept the various treatments and medicines

After detoxification you will be given various types of massages & treatments using medicated powders, pouches with herbal leaves and different type of medicated oils. All this is supplemented with internal medications as required. Again, these vary from person to person and individual's treatment schedule is decided by the Ayurveda doctor

At Kalari Rasyana, apart from the Ayurveda treatment which includes special diet along with oils, massages and herbs, the focus is also on Yoga and meditation. The Yoga is taught and practiced every morning. After you have undergone detoxification and purgation, typically you will have two massages / treatments every day and on an average each massage / treatment takes up to 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. The outcome of all this being a healthier, younger, lighter, calmer, clearer & more focused YOU!!

Treatments at Kalari Rasayana, Kollam

Anti-stress Programme-Manasanthi (14 Days)
The 14-day anti-stress programme is designed to combat the conditions like stress, insomnia, lack of concentration, fatigue and headaches which all seems to be part of today's hectic lifestyles. Ayurveda and yoga offers the perfect answer to these lifestyle diseases and the Kalari's "Manasanthy" program is based on these two ancient systems of wellness and it comprise of some classic Ayurveda therapies like Nasyam, Sirovasthy etc., supported by special Yoga therapies, herbal medicines, herbal teas and balanced diet. Click here for Ayurveda Gloserry

Slimming Programme-Sthoulyagna chikitsa. (21 to 28 Days)
The Ayurvedic slimming programme works by increasing metabolism. The prescribed light, non-kapha producing foods relieve the system of excess kapha and also control vata. The programme, which includes medicated steam bath, medication, herbal teas and yoga, works to create a genuine metabolic change. Click here for Ayurveda Gloserry

Anti-aging: Rasayana Chikitsa (28 Days)
The anti-ageing therapy aims to arrest the degeneration of body cells and increase immunity. The treatment keeps the enzymes of the cells in functioning condition and revitalizes the body cells. While the nerves and bones are softened and smoothened the tranquility of mind is also promoted. The program starts with a cleansing treatment to eliminate toxins followed by a rejuvenation treatment with special creams and oil, intake of herbal medicines all backed by a nourishing diet. Based on individual's constitution many ayurvedic procedures/therapies are administered. This treatment helps to keep individuals free from diseases even at an advanced age. Click here for Ayurveda Gloserry

General Rejuvenation- Panchakarma (21 to 28 Days)
Panchkarma is the classic five-point revitalization treatment aimed at removal of body toxins, removal of mental and physical stress and nourishment of the body systems. Normally the treatment involves various pre-purifications procedures (poorvakarma) to move the body toxins to gastro-intestinal tracts followed by the main procedure (pradhana-karma) which involves flushing out the toxins through Nose, Therapeutic vomit, purgation, enema and blood detoxification. Various post-purification (paschat-karma) procedures are advised. All this is well supported by Yoga therapies and balanced diet. Appropriate intake of herbal medicines are also given. Depedning on one's body condition many of the ayurvedic procedures like Snehapanam, uzhichil, sirodhara, nasyam, vamanam, virechanam and various vasthi and kizhi treatments included in this package. Click here for Ayurveda Gloserry

Dining at Kalari Rasayana

There are certain 'lifestyle challenges' or realities you need to accept during the treatment period. Coffee/Tea, alcohol, cigarettes are NOT permitted, encouraged or available in the premises. Similarly meat, fish, eggs, bread, milk or sugar are NOT served while you stay here. The cuisine here is based on traditional Swathik vegetarian cuisine and mainly uses locally sourced vegetables and fresh coconuts. Salads are not part of the daily regime but certain fruits like fresh Pineapple, Guavas and Pomegranates are served. The dishes are cooked with almost no oil, salt, chillies or any other spices but it is unbelievably tasty. The food here is unique, created exclusively for Kalari Rasayana Guests and strictly adheres to the principles & dietary restrictions laid down by Ayurveda

Kalari Rasayana Entertainment

Life at Kalari Rasayana is very restful with everything designed and focusing around healing your body, mind and soul. Hence during the course of the treatments guest's activities are strictly restricted to within the premises of the Resort. Keeping in mind for after dinner hours, the hotel arrange for various entertainments like cultural, dance and musical performances showcased inside the resort for the guests. Interactive discussions on Ayurveda and yoga along with chanting and meditation sessions are also there

Packaging Details for Kalari Rasayana

At Kalari Rasayana each guest is provided with three sets of complimentary fine cotton Pyjama suits and one pair of footwear for their use.If you do not intend to travel elsewhere other than to Kalari Rasayan, then you will not require carrying many clothes-so pack light. You may carry a swim suit, a light shawl, scarf & cotton socks along with Personal toiletries if any. Carry your medical reports, sufficient stock of medications for prior consultation with the Doctor. If you have any concerns, please feel free to consult the doctor vide email. Transaltors for your first consultation with doctor/yoga teacher/resort manager can be organized at an extra cost.

Kalari Rasayana Kollam - The Resort Tariff and Rates (In Euros. Valid till Decemeber 2020)

Room Type Duration Single Double
Rasayana Suite 14 Nights Treatment
Euro 6600
Euro 11220
21 Nights Treatment
Euro 8690
Euro 14775
28 Nights Treatment
Euro 10340
Euro 17580

The above rates are per room inclusive of Ayurveda treatments as per doctor's advise, all meals (including ayurveda diet), accommodation, return transfers Ex. Trivandrum airport and all current applicable taxes. The above are rack rates. Do mail us with your room requirement and dates for availablity based special rates.

Please note that Ayurveda Treatment for ladies can not be undertaken during the menstrual cycle

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