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Floating wonders in Backwaters


Kerala backwaters is a magic, romance and tranquility all bundled as one royal gift. Exploring backwaters from Houseboat is the most enchanting experience in the world. Spice coast cruise are traditionally built houseboats, serving amazing cuisine onboard. It can operate 01 Night, 02 night and even longer voyages where you enjoy life's rhythm at a leisurely pace.


CGH Earth Spice Coast Cruise Houseboats in Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters is like a separate world created and sustained by network of canals, estuaries, lakes, rivers, mangrove forest, palm lined embankments, migratory birds and the local's rich culture and unique life style. The imposing network consist of five canal linked lakes, it is fed by over 38 rivers flowing down from the Western Ghats and it virtually extends half the length of Kerala from Kollam, Alleppey, Kochi and more!. "Vembanad Kayal", is the largest of these lakes and this 200 Sq Km lake borders Kumarakom, Alleppey and parts of Kochi and offers a royal treat to discerning visitors with abundance of nature. This unique eco system is home to many aquatic species, water birds and many green manifestations. To put it short, Kerala Backwaters is a magic, romance, tranquility all rolled into one as a royal gift from the nature.

Spice Coast Cruises Houseboats - History of Kettuvallams, the Modern Day Houseboats

The history of Kerala Backwaters is inseparably bound with "Kettuvalloms" that catered to the transportation of the locals and trade over the years. When you step into these Kettuvallams (Modern day houseboats) you step back into the history as the likes of these moving masterpieces have been plying the inland waterways even when Vasco Da Gama first dropped anchor in the Malabar Coast. It is quite likely that they were in use even when St. Thomas set foot on this land along with Christianity.

These marvels which are even 80 feet long are made of planks of wild jack fruit or similar tree and in the olden times were tied together with rope knots avoiding nails. The Kettuvalloms propelled by the boatmen using punting poles was used to ply the cargo through the canals to the nearest ports and for the daily needs of the people in the interior villages. For the boatmen these boats were the second home where they sleep, cook and live for weeks together. Their food essentially included the freshly caught fishes from the lakes, large grain red-rice, coconut, cheap spices, vegetables, yam, breadfruit, raw mango, jack-fruit (and it's seeds) which all grew in great abundance along the water ways. Present day houseboats, huge engine propelled exotic barges, are in fact a reworked version of older time Kettuvallams. By constructing special rooms to accommodate travelers, these boats cruised forward from near-extinction to enjoy their present day popularity.

Spice Coast Cruises Houseboats in Alleppey and Kumarakom Backwaters

Spice Coast Cruises is another initiative from CGH offering a floating holiday which is perhaps one of the most enchanting holiday experiences in the world. An overnight cruise starting from the Spice Coast Jetty at Puthanangadi, cruising past the canals and villages of Kumarakom and Alleppey, is a perfect way to explore the backwaters in leisurely pace in-tune with the life's gentle rhythms. Spice Coast Cruises can operate even two or three night or even a week cruise exploring backwaters all the way down south to Kollam.

In furnishing the Spice Coast Cruise Houseboats, great care is taken to use only natural materials and local products. Wooden planks are used for flooring and decks are carpeted using coir mats. The arched roofing is done by split bamboos and palm fronds lashed together with coir binding. The soft colors onboard and simplicity create a light and airy atmospehere. The furnitures are made from rosewood, mahogany and cane which includes the south Indian 'Easy Chair' whose long arm doubles up as a leg rest when you stretch yourselves. The sides of the canopy can be lifted to create winged awnings thus ensuring plenty of shade, cool breeze and spectacular views of passing scenery. A couple or a small family has the exclusive run of the houseboat and is attended by a cook and two boatmen. The state rooms has queen size bed and ensuite bathroom. The food is made onboard and served in style. There is a sundeck to the fore, cooks gallery at the stern and power is supplied by batteries discreetly placed and are recharged using the extra wasted energy from the engine of the boat during the cruising time.

Experience onboard Spice Coast Cruise Houseboat, Kerala Backwaters

Welcome onboard the spice coast cruises. Time onboard the Spice Coast moves at a languid pace. Stretch yourselves comfortably on the foredeck and allow the natural rhythm of life to grip you. Freeze your mind and allow the nature to work it's magic on your senses. Watch the palm trees sway gently and allow the country side breeze to pass though your overhead and play with your grooming. Hear the gentle slap of the water, feel the tiny waves and enjoy the beautiful music from the birds. May be you can take a stroll to nearby villages and paddy fields. You can angle for a fresh fish which can be roasted for you. A short nap after a hearty lunch, the magic of beautiful evening envelops you. Relax in the arm chair holding your favorite drink and witness the sky melding seamlessly with the water. Then the stars appear, frogs croak and you feast on the traditional dinner. May be you can rewind your past with your loved ones. Following day you get up to the songs of the birds, enjoy the village life and have excellent breakfast before disembarking for your onward journey. There are no noisy diesel engine onboard the Spice Boat and the soft putting you hear is the sound of the outboard motor running on vegetable oil, a safer alternative fuel. Spice Coast Cruises have both one room and two room houseboat options.

Spice Coast Cruises, Alleppey Tariff (Indian Rupees. Validity 01 Oct 2017 to 20 Dec 2017 and 11 Jan 2018 to 30 Apr 2018)

Room Type One Night Rates Three Nights Rates
APAI Rates APAI Rates
Single Double Single Double
One Bed Room Boat (Sleeps 02) 26535 26535 71645 71645
Two Bed Room Boat (Sleeps 04) 43800 43800 118260 118260

Spice Coast Cruises Houseboats Rates (Indian Rupees.Validity 21 Dec 2017 to 10 Jan 2018)

Room Type One Night Rates Three Nights Rates
APAI Rates APAI Rates
Single Double Single Double
One Bed Room Boat (Sleeps 02) 35200 35200 95040 95040
Two Bed Room Boat (Sleeps 04) 49335 49335 133205 133205

The above rates are per room inclsuive of current taxes and all three meals. The above are rack rates. Do mail us with your room requirement and dates for availablity based special rates and details.

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