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A Wellness Paradise in Gokarna


The concept of the resort is to provide rejuvenation to the mind, body and soul. It helps to provide the balance between the self and outer world.'Swaswara' stay is a life style experience that leaves you relaxed, healthy and rejuvenated to continue the life's journey back home.


Swaswara - Location

In Sanskrit language the word "SwaSwara" means "my own rhythm". SwaSwara is a journey into the self, in which you pause, reflect and renew your connection with all that is accorded by nature and to the human spirit and body. Overlooking a pristine OM beach (OM is the Indian Spiritual symbol) the resort is neighbored by Kudle beach and Town beach on one side and Half-moon beach and Paradise beach on the other side. A perfect Holiday Destination, the resort is cradled by 26 acres of rolling hills and garden, that is lined with serene coconut palms and adorned with flowers, shrubs and spices that sit next to each other on a green carpet. Beyond the lawns is a vegetable garden and paddy fields whose farm output is used to nourish the guests who stay here. Inspired by the homesteads, traditions and crafts of Uttara Kannada region in Karnataka, this spiritually enlightened and environmentally sensitive resort is another landmark owned and managed by CGH earth hotels where your journey of self-discovery can begin. It may be noted that no short stay or childrens or pets are encouraged here and minimum stay requirement is five nights

Swaswara Gokarna

The resort works on the concept of providing rejuvenation to the mind, body and soul, a transformation that will gently help you to relax, release & refocus. Attained through the mix of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, healthy organic diet, music, art and other hobby type activities, SwaSwara helps one regain a balance between the self and the environment, leading to a deeper realization that the self is not something that one portrays but it is something that one creates. "SwaSwara" is more than a resort or mainstream holiday destination. It is an expression of the power of wellness and more of a lifestyle experience which will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, healthy and rejuvenated to resume your journey back home.

The Rooms types and Facilities in Swaswara Resort Gokarna

The resort offers 24 Konakani Villas, all built from natural materials in traditional Konakani Style. The rooms are air-conditioned and they come with a private courtyard, a private sit-out, a yoga deck on the top of the room and an open courtyard bathroom. The rooms are equipped with tea/coffee maker, refrigerator and electronic safe. The recreational facilities include a swimming pool, library and guests have access to the famous On Beach. Internet facilities, Ayurveda Center, Meditation center, Inter-active kitchen are other important facilities.

Dining and Cuisine at Gokarna Swaswara

The Cuisine at SwaSwara begins somewhere deep inside the soul and goes beyond the confines of the kitchen. The concept of wellness puts a lot of emphasis on natural foods grown in harmony with nature, cooked in the right manner and served with right attitude. Vegeterain guests are invited to pick up the vegetables and even cook them along with the culinary team in the interactive kitchen. Fresh produce from the organic vegetable farm and the neighborhood, seasonal tropical fruits and freshly caught seafood provide the bounty that is transformed into delectable meals every day. Focusing on freshness, purity and simplicity, the cuisine here draw a fine balance between nutrition and sense appeasement. Luscious vegetables, Juicy greens, delicious, Fruit juices, herbal teas, delicious seafood from catch of the day and even Indian wines are offered but the cuisine does not include redmeats, coffee, eggs, refined foods, hard liquor and other alcoholic beverages.

Swaswara - Ayurveda and Wellness Packages

At SwaSwara, the science of Ayurveda and yoga provides insights to live one's life in harmony with nature. The professional doctors and yoga teachers offer you practical guidelines for a regulated diet and daily routine, stress management techniques and exercises for increased fitness so that you can take control of your lives and develop a radiant health. Resort offers SWA packages which aims at well being of mind body soul, PRANA package which aims at rejuvenation and SWASTHA package which aims at weight loss, anti-ageing and anti-stress. The ayurveda sala here offers ample privacy and serene settings for various therapeutic treatments where therapists offer traditional knowledge with a smile while they work magic on your body using oils, herbs and various cleansing methods. The yoga programs are comprehensive with an introduction to yoga kriyas, asanas, yoga nidra, Meditations & Pranayama. All the programs offered includes consultations with the Ayurveda & Naturopathy doctors, private Yoga sessions and counseling by our experienced Yoga team. The programs at SwaSwara is aimed and designed to refresh your body, improve your blood circulation, removal of toxins, sooth away the frenzied city nerves and to put the spring back in your steps.

Reaching Swaswara Gokarna near Goa

Swaswara is Located in Gokarna which is 170 Kms from Goa Airport. For passengers availing the wellness packages the two way transfers between airport and hotel is included in the package price given

Swaswara Gokarna tariff - Swaswara Prana Program Rates (Rates in Euros. Validity 01 Nov 2014 to 30 April 2015)

"PRANA" a structured, curative & healing Ayurveda focused program Starting from 14 nights onwards it includes a daily Ayurvedic therapeutic treatment. Suitable for rejuvenation or to address specific ailments like arthritis, digestive disorders or skin problems,it can be extended as wished. Bookings for the "Pancha Karma" are accepted but remains subject to a minimum stay of 21 nights. The diet during the 'PRANA' program will be strictly Dosha based & pure vegetarian as per Ayurveda tenets, which will be further personalized by the Doctor's to suit the individual's constitution. Please contact us for more details and package inclusions.

Duration Single Occupancy Rates Double Occupancy Rates
14 Nights Package Euro 5030 Euro 7750
Additional Nights Rates Euro 325 Euro 500

Swaswara tariff- Swastha Program Rates (Rates in Euros.Validity 01 Nov 2014 to 30 April 2015)

"SWASTHA" a structured Detox & cleanse program is unique to SwaSwara Starting at 14 nights this program is an amalgamation of Naturopathic & Ayurvedic principles which can be extended as wished. Included are both Naturopathic therapeutic body treatments such as body wraps & deep tissue massages as well as Ayurvedic therapeutic body treatments such as the Dharas, Kizhis & Bastis. During this program you will be under the supervision of the Naturopathic doctors and while the diet will be Dosha based & pure vegetarian as per Ayurvedic tenets it will also feature plenty of Raw cuisine as advocated by Naturopathy. An important part of your daily regime during this program will be a nightly dose of "Triphala choorna" a mix of specific Ayurvedic herbs which assist the body to release and get rid of accumulated toxins.Please contact us for more details and package inclusions.

Duration Single Occupancy Rates Double Occupancy Rates
14 Nights Package Euro 5030 Euro 7750
Additional Nights Rates Euro 325 Euro 500

Swaswara Gokarna tariff - Swa Holiday Program Rates ( Rates in Euros.Validity 01 Nov 2014 to 30 April 2015)

"Swa" our Wellbeing holiday is the beginning of an exploration of the Self, offering all round wellness with a flexible regime which could be considered as our signature 'Wellbeing holiday' program. Starting from 5 nights it is all about learning to rejuvenate the SwaSwara way and balance your life. To Relax, Recalibrate and slow down in order to be able to Refocus on your inner song or 'Swara'. A comprehensive program with an introduction to Yogic kriyas, asanas, Meditations & Pranayama, guided art sessions with our resident artist to express your creativity and relaxing Abhyanga Ayurveda massages to de stress the physical self. Included are consultations with the Ayurveda & Naturopathy doctors, private Yoga sessions & counselling by our experienced Naturopathy & Yoga team. Your 'Swa' holiday can be extended as wished with a price advantage & attractive add on inclusions for longer stays.Please contact us for more details and package inclusions.

Duration Single Occupancy Rates Double Occupancy Rates
07 Nights Package Rates Euro 1925 Euro 2695
10 Nights Package Rates Euro 2670 Euro 3740
14 Nights Package Rates Euro 3660 Euro 5125
21 Nights Package Rates Euro 5300 Euro 7420

Important Note on Rates

All the above rates are per room inclusive of well being activities/treatments, all meals as per doctor's advise, accommodation in Spacious Konkan Villas, Consultations, Yoga, Meditation and return transfers Ex. Goa airport along with current applicable taxes. The above are rack rates. Do mail us with your room requirement and dates for availablity based special rates.

Irrespective of the chosen program resident guests can avail any of the daily in house offerings-activities range from Guided nature walks, butterfly & bird watching, interactive hands on cookery sessions with the Chef, a weekly boat cruise from Om beach to Town beach to explore the temple town of Gokarna & visit the weekly farmers market to experience the colors & smells of rural India. Weekly cultural programs at dinner time showcase traditional music or dance forms.

Please note that Ayurveda Treatment for ladies can not be undertaken during the menstrual cycle. Child Policy  Being focussed on wellbeing, bookings for children below 15 Years of age are not accepted.

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